Coin Market

Score: 1/5

Score 1/5

Coin Market – 100% Frauds

These guys are obviously nothing but a bunch of frauds. I was 1 day late to discover that. First, they’ll insist on making you transfer 251$ to “your” account at their company. And then they’ll congratulate you on earning some more money to make you feel comfortable, and that’s without doing any trading. Next step will be taking a look at your bank account to check your balance but they’ll claim that it’s to check your credits and loans so they can start paying off your mortgage. The next step would be getting some personal information about you. The kind of information that would make anyone pretend it’s you on the internet. Meanwhile, an educational advisor will contact you for some sessions where you learn how to trade. Guess it’s where you generate profits for them. You can actually buy and sell all you want but I don’t expect to receive any money from that account to my bank account. And I believe that Pro Capital Markets is just a new name of an old company with a bad reputation. Like Pro Capital Trades.

Coin Market is 100% Scam

Coin Market is totally scam, please if someone doesn’t know about the online scam, please avoid this trading platform they are professional fraudster…Once you deposited money 500U$ there is difficulty to get your money back.

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I saw a video about the bitcoin system and someone from Coin Market called me. I decided to start with 250 eur just to check the system out. David from Coin Market told me that he is my personal analyst but he called me only to ask for more and more money. he didnt trade with me at all, ignored my email and when I asked for the money back, many other “analysts” started to call me and asking me to put more money.
I sent 100 emails already and nothing! they dont care about me, they just wants my money!!
Dont do business with them!

Apparently my friend gave them my details, he referred me to start trading. I gave them a chance and listen because my friend was so excited about that. 10 seconds after first deposit she started pushing me to put 2000$!!! told them I will not do it and blocked the number. They managed to call me somehow, I tried taking initial deposit back, but couldn’t. They were calling every day, I even sent email to them to stop and delete my number and account they didn’t care. On the end of the day, I changed my number and forget about that money. My friend lost around 7000$ and can’t retrieve them still

Bad Company!!!!!!!
I got a phone call after filling something about trading out and they told me i would get a broker. I got this guy who was on the phone with me for 3 times and lost all of my money.
He said to invest more and i would get it back. Nope! I believe this is a scam company I wouldn’t risk it.

After I invested 1000$ all the rest was waste of air while being with them on the phone.
No one knew to explain me the system, and how will benefit me, not to mention how much money I will and I can make, only pushing me to send 1000$ more so we can somehow see profit. Waste of time air and waste of my 1000$

They are thieves!!
I invested with this company and they started loosing fast so I tried to withdraw they begged me to stay. They said they would give me a bonus and everything but i said no. I was and still am unable to withdraw my money. FRAUD!!!!!!!!

They called me and told me all of this great information, and how I could make money, how I could do all kinds of great things. They were great at first and then they started loosing my money and fast so I told them to stop trading with it at the moment. When I called back I had decided to withdraw the rest and move to another company because I found out this company was a scam, I tried to withdraw the money I had in and they fought me on it. It took me over 3 months to get my money back. These people are scams don’t trust them and invest with a company that knows what they’re doing. You guys suck!!!

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