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Pro Capital Markets – 100% Frauds

These guys are obviously nothing but a bunch of frauds. I was 1 day late to discover that. First, they’ll insist on making you transfer 251$ to “your” account at their company. And then they’ll congratulate you on earning some more money to make you feel comfortable, and that’s without doing any trading. Next step will be taking a look at your bank account to check your balance but they’ll claim that it’s to check your credits and loans so they can start paying off your mortgage. The next step would be getting some personal information about you. The kind of information that would make anyone pretend it’s you on the internet. Meanwhile, an educational advisor will contact you for some sessions where you learn how to trade. Guess it’s where you generate profits for them. You can actually buy and sell all you want but I don’t expect to receive any money from that account to my bank account. And I believe that Pro Capital Markets is just a new name of an old company with a bad reputation. Like Pro Capital Trades.

Pro Capital Markets is 100% Scam

Pro capital Markets is totally scam, please if someone doesn’t know about the online scam, please avoid this trading platform they are professional fraudster…Once you deposited money 500U$ there is difficulty to get your money back.

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Pro Capital Markets stole all my money away! I gave them 50000 euros and they never called me back!
When I asked for my money back they told me I cant take it since they gave me credit! they never told me that I have credit!
Stay away from them if you dont want to loss your money!!!

I saw an add about making money through the market and filled out something to get information out and I started getting phone calls.
I went with this company Pro Capital Markets and invested some money, they started to make some for a couple of days then the broker made a bad investment and lost all of it.
I invested again a bit more as to be safe and again he lost it fast. After that I was never able to talk to them, no emails, they wouldn’t answer calls, nothing. they took my money and ran. They are a scam and thieves!! Don’t be stupid use a better rated company.

This company lost my money 4 times and kept telling me i need to invest more so like an idiot I put $2000 usd and started to lose it, so I then stopped and wanted to withdraw the money and they disappeared, no response to emails, or phone calls. They are horrible people don’t invest with them..

I am at a loss for words on how bad these people are. They promise you profit and money with a minimum investment. Once you invest they loose the money ask for more and won’t stop calling even when you tell them you’re not going with them ever again. SCAM!!!

Where to start?
1: They are super pushy
2: They do not like when you say no or anything near no, They will start yelling.
3: Customer service is absolutely awful and no help at all.
4: They literally BEG for you to start. (Pathetic)
5: They have no clue what they’re actually doing, simple questions about the market they can’t answer. RED FLAG!
6: They are a SCAM company only here to steal your hard earned money. Don’t let them be smart and research before you invest.

Just the worst! They steal your money do I need to say anything else.
Promise profit and you lose!
They also get angry if you say no and start yelling at you. I found this funny so I kept doing just to piss them off more.
Fraud company! Invest with someone else!!!!!

They are nice at first but as soon as you start to ask questions they get pushy and mad.
They actually yelled at me because I didn’t want to invest with them due to such bad reviews, after that they called me hundreds of time just to piss me off.
This company is clearly a scam and just want to steal from you.
Do Not go with them!!!

This company called me and wanted to talk about the market and tell me how i would be able to make money even on a small investment, so I listened to what they had to say and it sounded pretty good at this point I said yes and opened an account. I received a call the next day from a “broker” that told me how everything was going to go. for a day or two I made a few dollars, then he recommended I add more and make a bigger account so we could really trade. I made a bad mistake doing this, after making the investment they started to lose it and fast. I told them to stop trading i didn’t like what I was seeing, and I asked to withdraw my money. Wow They started screaming at me and telling me how wrong I was and that it’s my fault the money was lost. I kept asking for a withdraw and 3 months later i’m still trying to get it.
Don’t go with this company they are awful and will just steal your money. They are a fraud company and i found out the hard way. Do you research!!!

I also like it seems many of you have had a horrible experience with this company.
They are absolutely thieves and will steal the money you invest.
Do your homework and find a proper company. SCAM!

These people are crap. They told me all about BitCoin and how I could make so much money on a small investment.
Surprise they lost the money and asked for more I said no and they got mad.
They are a SCAM and WIll STEAL all of your money if you let them.

I placed my investment with this company and they managed to lose it very quickly. They told me that it was my fault for trading on my own but I did not trade on my own there broker was trading for me. I told this to them and was told it must have been a jr broker and that I should invest more and they would put me with a senior broker so we could recover the money but that seemed like a red flag to me. I did some research and found out that they are absolutely a scam. Horrible people!

They are the only company I believed and after them I will never do anything similar to this! I invested 10000$ believed they will double that amount in 2 weeks, out of that I lost all of that. No one called me, I called customer service my account manager sent emails did all of that millions times a day and nothing, till this moment I can’t reach them and retrieve at least something my account is blocked somehow. Skip them people skip!

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